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Should it be a requirement for cops to wear body cams, why or why not?

Yes, to both protect themselves and the public. In a “my word against yours” situation, They can help provide facts

Of course they should. Most cashiers in this country have a camera pointed at them all day. Why should the standard be lower for police?

Yes, always. However I would prefer they be the type that are worn like glasses, and have a strap to hold them on.

My thought is it gives better insight into what the officer could truly see from their point of view.

When the body camera is mounted a full foot below the officer’s eyes, you may not be able to see what he/she saw, perhaps the suspect did something slightly out of the lense’s field of view. Did he reach for a gun or wipe his nose?

Also I’ve seen footage from body cams where for reasons unknown, the cop’s shirt or their arm positioned mysteriously happens to block the camera just as the suspect does whatever prompts the office to taze, beat and shoot them.

They should be mandatory with no ability for the cop to turn it off, and removing or obscuring it during a stop should be instant termination

in some counties it is