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Should it be a requirement for cops to wear body cams, why or why not?

Yes, because it stops the few who despite having sworn to uphold the law commit crime, but the power button should require removing the camera from the officer’s body to make it obvious if it’s turned off while they’re on duty

I believe they should so they can be held responsible for anything internationally malicious on their part

Of course they should, you should always be recording the situation yourself as well and make sure the officer knows that you are because they have a habit of “losing the footage”

YES!!! FUCKING YES!!! That way it will no longer be a he said she said court battle (that is an expression and I know not all court battles are men vs women). That way if there is an injustice due to racism or gender inequality or even homophobia the side in the wrong can be found easier. Theres so many advantages

Yes, almost always. My only objection would be to protect the privacy of victims, but I think the accountability of police officers is the more important problem to solve right now.