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So……You Can’t sleep tonight? What’s up?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: So……You Can’t sleep tonight? What’s up?
So……You Can’t sleep tonight? What’s up?

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My dad died on Halloween when I was a kid and has been on my mind all day, work was arduous, I got chastised posthumously for saving someone’s life (fucking long story), I have roommates that have lately had company sleeping in our living room for months rent free that have ICRs + ARs + several handguns + all manner of respective magazines slewn out as if theres no issue with that… oh and they remove the door knob when they sleep. I am already battling mental health issues and anxiety is only getting worse. It’s cold as fuck too so that isn’t helping. My mom died last year on her birthday in December and a lot of thoughts are flooding with that too. I wanna drink but I’ve got work in the morning (which certainly adds to the anxiety which further exacerbates my insomnia)

Sorry. I needed that.

Halloween, insomnia, and my loud family.

Idk. It’s 7am and I haven’t slept yet lol

I slept really nice! Europe here haha

I’m trying to write a thesis with a tight deadline. I hate myself.