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The average person calls 911 twice in their lifetime. What crazy thing happened that made you call?

A drunken woman made a right turn in front of me. We were in straight road (no intersection), and I was in the rightmost lane. She turned right and kept going right. She overturned her car, so I stopped, and walked back to the accident while calling 911.

I used to be a grocery store manager, seizure, heart attack and a couple kids who fell out of a cart on thier head or broke an arm – oh and one time a drunk guy drove into my friend’s car that was parked in the street in front of my house doing like 50 mph.

Had a car cross the median and slam into a semi on the interstate right in front of us.

Ok, I’m apparently well above average on this:

  • I got into a car accident, and called so I could make a report and get seen by a medic

  • On at least 3 occasions I’ve heard car accidents outside my apartment building, looked outside, and then called to report it

  • The fire alarm in the building reports directly to the fire department. One time (one false alarm among many caused by water from the boiler leaking onto the fire alarm cabling, but we didn’t know that yet), the alarm had been going for ~10 minutes and they hadn’t arrived (response time is usually sub-5-minute), so I called.

  • One of my neighbors was in the hallway screaming at the top of her lungs at/about another neighbor she didn’t like, and pounding the other neighbor’s door. It was late, it was a weeknight, I was tired, she was loud. Turns out 2-3 of my other neighbors felt the same way (the operator had received other calls). When the cops arrived, she tried to fight them, and got arrested.

Saw an old man get tboned in an intersection I was walking parallel to. His door got wedged shut, and he was bleeding badly by the time I got to him, called 911 and they ended up using the jaws of life to open his car up like a tuna can