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The average person calls 911 twice in their lifetime. What crazy thing happened that made you call?

My roommate at the time threatened to kill me and was driving to our apartment while telling me that on the phone. The officer arrived, was racist and just generally mean to me and my ex, and then very polite to the roommate who threatened us. The roommate was later jailed for strangling his girlfriend.

My aunt was unconscious, 911 told me I was lying as my voice was still so soft when I was 18 and they thought I was a child and they asked for my aunt to come to the phone. Good thing my grandma came back from the shop and called for help.

A friend of mine.sent me a letter saying goodbye, wishing me the best and saying he will end his life. He wasn’t reachable afterwards when I called him and he had struggles with mental health. I called 911 based on limited info I had about his whereabouts. The officers talked to me for a long while to find his brother’s house, which I assumed where he was already since that was what he had told me.

I contacted some common friends too, but the ones I contacted apparently hadn’t received such a message. I asked them to try to get in touch with him and let me know as well.
Turns out he sent this letter to a few other people, one of whom knew that he was downtown. I later received back from 911 informing me that he was admitted to the hospital.
I broke down after this event, because frankly, it was a little too much to deal with – I know it sounds awful, I had been there for this friend in his battle with mental health problems which mostly stemmed from academic problems. I wasn’t strong mentally enough for myself, so to be a reliable, strong friend for him was a struggle.

The couple in the apartment beside me were always fighting but this one night you could hear them hitting each other so i called the cops, the cops arrived and they both denied that they were even fighting and became abusive towards the police. Next time it happened i didn’t bother calling, he could have been strangling her to death and i just put my noise cancelling headphones on lol

Me 95 pound friend chugged down a third of a Vodka bottle and threw up ridiculusly much