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This is Coming from a guy with two sisters. Females of Internet who shower regularly how do clumps of hair always seem to get stuck to the shower wall?

Lol. Wet hair that falls and touches the walls get stuck to it.

Lol, its a mystery but i usually collect it all with dry tissue afterwards and flush it as its easier than a clogged drain. Im sure my hair must have been taken away from a crime scene at some point as it gets literally EVERYWHERE. It just cant be helped lol although specific for showers it does help to brush the hair before washing as it gets most of the loose strands out of the way 🙂 pass these tips to all females haha

Being someone with short hair, it doesn’t happen. When I had long hair though, it looked like someone took a razor to my head and it got everywhere. I just collect it and slap it on the wall so I can flush it later.

That’s where it winds up after you pick it out of your crack.

This is my reply from a differen thread involving the shower stick:

“Never question the hair stick.

Otherwise it just gets wrapped around your soap, stuck somewhere else, clogging the drain, or hiding in your butt until after underwear has been put on and tickling you every once in a while until it drives you mad and you’re suddenly trying to fish a single goddamn hair out of your underwear.

The wall is the only acceptable option.”

That being said, I don’t just leave it there. I’m not a wild animal. I ball it up in a clump, and fling it into the trash before I leave the bathroom.