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This is Coming from a guy with two sisters. Females of Internet who shower regularly how do clumps of hair always seem to get stuck to the shower wall?

I’m a dude with long hair and I usually have clumps of fallen out or dead hairs form at the end of my hair which obviously come out when I’m having a shower, sometimes they just incidentally stick to the side and I don’t notice and more often I pick them from the shower fall before they get stuck in the drain and put them on the wall and then sometimes I’ll forget to properly put them in a bin after I’m done showering.

They’re not certified clumps, more like really long strands.

Because while washing your hair you get loose hairs stuck to your hand so you pull them off and now they’re stuck to the other hand so you shake your hand with frustration to get the hairs off and once you’ve shaken them off you don’t think about where they go… and sometimes they land on the wall.

Funny enough the more often one washes their hair the less hair there should be. I have curly hair so I don’t brush my hair except right before showering to remove the excess fallout and detangle. Then after I condition I have all that fallout from the previous days that wasn’t brushed out. Its a lot. Especially the weeks I only wash my hair once. (Note I am showering everyday just not washing my hair.) So I pull it off my fingers and the back of my legs and paste it to the wall to wipe it off the wall later. Sometimes you just forget though. Which can be funny because my husband jokingly over reacts to the mini monsters in the bathroom. Its a good laugh every time.

Another question from a dude who has to unclog shower drains bi-weekly. How the fuck aint yall women completely bald?