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To all the Americans. How are you protecting yourself from the virus while protesting?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: To all the Americans. How are you protecting yourself from the virus while protesting?
To all the Americans. How are you protecting yourself from the virus while protesting?

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Im protesting everyday here in LA.

Im 43 year old male and a life long smoker.

I wear a mask, like almost all the other protesters, and use hand sanitizer anytime I touch anything.

Being half Latino, and my first racial slur coming from a police officer, it is to important of a thing to sit out.

My life has been full of abuse and injustice by police. I have taken them to court, ive filed many complaints, and it doesnt stop.

I started life poor and abused, and worked hard to change that.(150K year, nice car, nice downtown apartment, nice clothes, kind and empathetic person, sober, good coworker and boss)

It doesnt matter to them. I cant upperclass my way out of racial injustice, i tried.

So for me, its really personal, and I know its putting myself at risk. So i wear a mask, but feel this is just too important.

I dont go out and interact with anyone else, so if you arent at the protest, I would not be putting you at risk.

Yes, I have fears of dying, or permanent lung damage. But there are service men across the street with machine guns.

I wore a mask, and at least 95% of others at the protest were also wearing masks. People were regularly handing out hand sanitizer and masks to anyone that didn’t have one.

Now I will be self isolating and getting tested to ensure that if I am infected, I do not pass it on.

I went to the protests fully aware of the risks of contracting the virus, but felt that it’s important to stand up for the great injustices being committed by law enforcement against people of color.


tldr ;
there is nothing we can do, the way police act when turning the protests violent makes it impossible to not spread the virus, rant below


[‘We got that on camera, a–hole’: A video appears to show a Richmond police officer spitting 3 times on a detained protester]
( (This is happening during the worst pandemic in a century in the country with the most deaths from it (disproportiantely PoC for some reason hmm)


Several police departments (apparently coordinated but its impoosible to tell) have deliberately and as a first response used tactics that infect and spread the diesease that they use on us and through us our communities to escalate violence and infect protestors (yes yes peaceful protestors you scolds (damaging property does not turn a cop into a judge with a right to carry out a death sentence either btw)

What do you expect from the cops that shoot people filming from their porch?

they don’t give a shit if your peaceful, at all. they care that you obey, they are a gang and theyre losing control of their turf, blood can spill, as long as thyre in charge

cops will often box people in and gas them, infecting everyone and toturing anyone without a gas mask, they dont care about killing people, so like a super spreader its difficult to combat that in any way

in philadelphia, a very working class city that got hit HARD by the economic effects of the virus and has a super racist police department and history of bombing residences in PoC neighborhoods someone filmed this video where the police turned the protests violent seemingly unprovoked ( i dont know the full context but it appears at worst they blocked a highway )

dont let the bootlickers who actually browse r/askreddit tell you protestors are crazy , look at the videos on social media, the same shit happenens all over the world, the news lies but they cant stop us from filming (thats why they shoot at you if they spot you)

the best we can do is wear masks, but that might get you labelled a terrorist (and in chicago) another working class city dissapeared like people have been in the past AND are being during these protests


Anyone whos downvoting this or dming me calling me liar or a paid shill or whatever

the worst thing the police can do is fire on someone the news cares about, and sometimes they fuck up, im not asking anybody to take my word on any of this

worse actually still, sometimes fox news gets it live lol

there’s not really any way we can 🙁 we can only put on our masks and continue to try to make a change.

They arent. I’m working in the Asheville nc area. Plenty of people out there not wearing any kind of protection.