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What are sayings you grew up hearing only to find out they were unique to your family?

“You got goats”

My family’s way of saying you had a wedgie, because it looked like there was a goat in your crack eating your pants. Quite embarrasing when I found out that wasn’t a common phrase

“Whoa Jackson!” Was something my dad always said. He swore it was a thing in the 70’s, which my mom would always shake her head behind him and mouth, “it was never a thing.”

  1. Whenever I’d get in trouble, my mom always used to say “Girl, you must think fat meat ain’t greasy. Imma show you.” Never understood what it meant and to this day, I barely understand. Looked it up recently though, and apparently it’s a phrase that is pretty much exclusively used by African Americans.

  2. Almost forgot about this one, but when I’d ask my mom what was for dinner, one of her favorite responses used to be, “Air pie and wind pudding.” Never heard anyone else in my life say this lmao

If someone said “Where is my (random item)?” My dad would always say “If it was up your ass you’d know.” Still have never heard anyone else say that lol

When something new turned up and we’d ask my dad where it came from his reply was always “stole it from a blind man down on the corner”