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What are some disgusting habits people do but don’t realize?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.What are some disgusting habits people do but don’t realize?

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Chewing loudly/with their mouth open. I’m Korean and whenever I’m home I have to muster all my strength and self-control in order to not give people constant stink eyes.

Spraying perfume in hopes of covering up for sweat stank and not realising they now instead smell like sweat mixed with perfume, which is arguably worse.

Spitting on the ground. I don’t want to walk near it or breath that stuff in. Keep your fluids to yourself please.

Wearing outdoor shoes in the house!

It’s disgusting! I’ve noticed it’s half and half in my experience. I like walking around barefoot knowing I didn’t track dog shit all over without realizing it. Why even bother cleaning your floors? Tracking in God knows what, mud, salt, dirt, sand.

Constantly sniffling instead of just blowing your nose

Women who pee all over the toilet seat in a public bathroom and leave it like that for the next person to use it. It’s both disgusting and infuriating.

Touching their private parts, armpits, picking their nose and then touching other people or handling food.

Eating with their mouth open and talking, causing pieces of food to fly everywhere. People who have uncontrollable amounts of saliva flying out their mouths when they’re talking.

To me, it’s disgusting when people invade my personal space, either by walking past me too closely, standing too close next to me or behind me in queue’s and then having the cheek to stare at my face when they’re already standing right in front or next to me.

More like a lack of a habit, but not washing hands after using the bathroom.

When people rest their bare ass fucking feet on your airline seat’s arm.

Not wiping down your damn machine at the gym!!!!!

And I don’t mean with the towel you’ve been sweating on!

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