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What bad mental habits do you have and how do you combat them?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.What bad mental habits do you have and how do you combat them?

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My immediate reaction to something new or unexpected is negativity.

It’s so ridiculous and unwarranted

I have learned to be quiet. As a younger person I suppose some part of me felt that my thoughts need to be heard. I am now quiet until I’ve really felt out an opinion, new food, opportunity for a new experience etc.
Rather than, “Why would I do that? Eat that? Want that?” I try for “Why not?” first.

If someone criticizes me I automatically assume they are right, I never take my own side first. I honestly have not figured out a good way to combat this, but occassionally if I write down tge whole scenario it helps me truly see things clearly.

i absolutely can’t believe people actually like me, so i get reeeaaally anxious.

for example, i was on a train a few days ago and worried about people finding me ugly or disgusting the whole time. met my bf’s brother for the first time that evening, too. went well, i guess. he even texted something along the lines of “congratulations, she’s a great woman” later on, but i still firmly believed i said something stupid that made him hate me.

ugh. i’m working on finding a strategy to get over this.

My automatic response when someone tells me to do something differently is to tell them “No.”

I can be incredibly stubborn and like to do things the way I feel is easiest or better.

I’ve started getting better at it by taking a breath and either waiting for the person to explain why another way might be better or trying to work it out for myself.

I’ve gotten much, much better at this, but I still have occasional moments. Stirring up a bad memory about a certain person or situation in my head, and then thinking about it so clearly that it seems to be present reality. Not only that, but actually *creatingfalse memories and adding them on to the bad memory without realizing it.

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