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What bad mental habits do you have and how do you combat them?

I hold onto grudges. I try to find healthier ways of coping with them.

For a while I didn’t love my body. I didn’t hate it to the point of anything drastic, but I just felt fat and disgusting (even though I was a perfectly healthy weight.) So I decided one day that every time I passed a mirror, I would compliment myself in my head. After a week or so it began to come naturally. It really boosted my confidence and convinced me that I am beautiful and a boss. Now I am finally able to carry myself with my head held high, knowing I am awesome. 🙂

I also have a negative immediate response to everything. I am using yoga and meditation to slowly rewire my brain to appreciate what I am and what I am not, the present moment, and how to control my brain.

It’s a lot of hard work at first but it gets easier. It used to take me 4+ hours to sleep and I’m down to 30 minutes!!! I recommend yoga with Adrienne and make sure to exercise ❤❤❤

I always assume what others are thinking and it’s usually negative. I try so hard not to do this because obviously, I can’t read people’s minds, yet I pretend like I can and it makes me feel bad about myself.

As soon as I realized I did this I knew I had to stop. I kind of forced myself to stop doing that by always asking for clarification in what they said, or simply asking them what they’re thinking about instead of basing everything off my own thoughts and projections.

Whenever I have some thing I want to do, such as cleaning my room i procrastinate. I then have to call my friend because i have an anxiety attack. When i start cleaning i tear everything down and make a huge mess then start to clean, this causes some panic attacks and such.

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