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What does a day in quarantine look like for you?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What does a day in quarantine look like for you?
What does a day in quarantine look like for you?

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It’s almost like eat, sleep, repeat

I’m not in quarantine anymore, but I was for 45 days.

Get up at 7am ish. Don’t worry, my (now almost year old) son will let me know when it’s time to get up.

Feed the kid and make some coffee.

Watch a TV show while drinking my coffee and watching my son play on the floor or something.

9am get the 14 year old up.

9 or 10am time for the baby’s nap

Go fuck around in the garage or outside for a couple of hours while the 14 year old listens to the baby monitor

11am or so, baby gets up. Play on the floor with him until noon, then make his lunch.

12: 30 if it’s nice, go outside with the baby, try to entice the 14 year old to come along as well

the rest of the day is pretty unstructured until 5 when I would start making dinner so we could all eat by 6. Sometimes we sit at the table and had a “family” meal and sometimes we sit in the livingroom and watch a TV show together.

Those 45 days were the longest time I’ve taken off work since I started working in 2004. I’ve never been happier than I was just being a dad to my kids and seeing my son make huge leaps and bounds in development every day I was with him.

Sadly it took a pandemic for me to get some paternity leave, but it was amazing to have.

Is it bad that I’m super jealous reading about everyone in quarantine?? (assuming finances are being taken care of). No difference here, except I’m now busier than ever at work and working longer hours for less pay 🙁

Eat, Work, Workout, Eat, Piano, Shower, Chill, Sleep

I work construction. Zero different, I just haven’t been out to eat in three months. I don’t know one person who has gotten sick and only one who has stopped working.