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What Two Sports should NOT be combined?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What Two Sports should NOT be combined?
What Two Sports should NOT be combined?

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Shooting and dodgeball

Horse polo and elephant polo

Shot-put and baseball

Boxing and hockey. Jk. That’s what makes it fun

God damn everything I can think of just makes it more awesome.

Football and skeet shooting? Opposing team can shoot the ball as long as it’s in the air.

Figure skating and Hockey? Triple spin jump leading into a snap shot.

Basketball and Roller Derby? Doing the splits while rolling at 15 mph to pass the ball between the legs of the dude guardian you.

Luge and gymnastics? Put gaps in the tracks and bars so the gotta jump, grab the bar to do some spins, and land perfectly back on the track.

Pool and Foosball? Self explanatory.

I would pay money to not only see but also play every single one of these.