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What does it feel like to live alone?

Food lasts fucking forever.

its freeing, quiet, and peaceful. You can do whatever you want whenever you want (within reason) and dont have to worry about bothering anyone else or anyone bothering you.

As a sociable introvert, it is amazing!

Nobody to share the space, couch, tv, shower, sink, toilet, dishes, refrigerator, laundry, thermostat, or anything else with. All mine, all the time.

Aside from the noise outside, it is as peaceful and quiet or as loud and noisy as I want. Don’t have to worry about tiptoeing around in the morning or being woken up at some obscene hour by a flatmate dropping something.

I can be as clean or messy as I like.

I can walk around in my underwear without a care.

I still haven’t gotten tired of it, even after two plus months of lockdown!

I love living alone, i enjoy my own company, i am at peace with myself and have a very stress free life. In some ways i think living alone has been healthy because getting to know yourself and make peace with your own personal idiosyncrasies is important for understanding your own self worth, i don’t think it’s healthy to go out looking for a relationship just because you are afraid to be alone especially if you are afraid of being alone with yourself and your own thoughts.

However, turning that around on myself, i also don’t think that acceptance of your own faults (and convincing yourself that it is just a part of your personality) is healthy either, a partner can show you where you are lacking, living alone doesn’t foster co-operation skills or thinking of others, and while it isn’t healthy to go looking for a partner just to avoid being lonely, being comfortable with your own company doesn’t push you to take chances in finding love.