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What does it feel like to live alone?

When I lived alone I would clean my place and it would stay clean. Now I clean my place and it is messy again in about 10 minutes, it feels like.

I’ve lived alone since 2016 or so, and “truly” alone with my own home and not sharing any walls since early 2019. It’s a double-edged sword, even as someone who is an introvert.

The bad:

  • If I need social interaction, I have to purposefully go out and seek it. Gone are the days where if I’m bored, I can just chat with a roommate. This leads to some bad habits where I’ll just…stay home and not get enough social interaction. Having a job to go to on a daily basis helps, but that’s not quite the same thing as seeing friends on a regular basis.

  • Shit gets lonely, especially if you’re not romantically involved with anybody and are too concerned about having to be responsible for a pet. We all need different amounts of physical touch to be happy. Living alone makes meeting that quota a difficult task. I sleep with a body pillow because I find it comfortable as a side-sleeper, but part of that is probably related to other things…

The good:

  • Privacy. I have all of it. During this pandemic I’ve worn underwear (and maybe pajama bottoms) almost every day, while working at a home office. I can listen to any kind of music I want, and at pretty loud volumes, without having to worry about anybody hearing it.

  • Lack of drama. My life is relatively simple and straightforward, which I like to keep that way for the most part. By living alone, I don’t often encounter any issues with other people around me. It’s always peaceful and quiet.

  • My place is as clean or orderly as I see fit. If I don’t feel like cleaning up and it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t matter. And every mess I make is my problem, instead of someone else’s that I have to wait for them to fix.

During the pandemic it has been a mixed bag, but for the most part I’ve been coping just fine thanks to working from home, friends, and online board gaming.

When I was young it was very nice, if it ever happens again I will be old and probably feel very lonely.

Good side: You can do everthing on your own and the way you want to.

Bad Side: You have to do everything yourself. whatever you do or dont do, its all on you.

Fucking amazing.