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What does it feel like to live alone?

I love it! Everything piece of furniture in my home is picked by me, every color on the wall, every flower in my garden is picked by me. I eat what I want when I want. I can leave I can stay, if I want people arpund I ask them to come (normaly when there is no covid) and when I’m done with people I ask them to go.

Mostly great. Everything is exactly where I left it, and I can use the bathroom with the door open. But if I choke on my breakfast toast I’m probably going to die.

It’s nice. Can be slightly creepy if you’re in an older place that makes lot of noises at night but I miss it

Just the peace and quiet alone made it great. Then you get into the minor things like what groceries to buy of what color to paint the walls or whatever.

When you live alone you do what you want when you want

Great, but lonely.

Good. I cant imagine sharing my space with someone or have a person walking around while I’m doing my thing, looking at me and just being present. It would be horrible.