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What happened today that made you happy?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What happened today that made you happy?
What happened today that made you happy?

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My city had protests last night and there was some vandalism and looting.

When I drove through today, folks were out in force cleaning up.

For lunch, I tried Popeye’s chicken sandwich for the first time in my life. It was amazing!

My professor agreed to write me a rec letter, was one of the last things I needed for med school apps. I’m also happy to see a lot of my old friends from high school are supporting the protests, I think that’s pretty important.

I’m happy that I have more money in my savings account alone than I had in my checking and savings combined a year ago. Money doesn’t mean happiness, but the sense of relief and security is making me happy.

I got the craving to smoke a cigarette. I quitted smoking this March due to my bad immunity and corona lockdown and haven’t smoked since then yet I was feeling like cheating just for today but I didn’t.

I channelize my addiction into organising my clutter and today I didn’t allow the mind voice to win.