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What was the best thing someone ever told you ?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What was the best thing someone ever told you ?
What was the best thing someone ever told you ?

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“You look a lot cleaner now.”

I used to drink a lot. After moving away from a toxic environment, losing 30 lbs, and stopping my excess drinking, someone I knew came to town and said this to me. It’s the best compliment I’ve gotten in life so far.

“I would’ve done it if you weren’t there for me”

A guy who I knew from the days I played WoW – we had a pretty fun time, all the time. I was 14 at the time(and lying about my age, ofc), he was like 20.

During one sleepless night, he just hit me up with a message saying “I’m sorry bro, I just can’t take it anymore.”

He had just broke up with his girlfriend a few days betore. Turns out he swallowed an entire bottle of pills trying to commit suicide, and he was telling me everything that was going on. How he was coughing, how he started puking, how he’s starting to fall asleep and he knows it’s going to be for the last time.

His parents were sleeping in the next room, while he was on the brink of death. I was as supportive as I could, telling him that it can get better, begging him to wake his parents up or call an ambulance because one girl wasn’t worth this much of a loss.

I was trembling the entire time, trying to talk some sense into his head. Somehow, I managed to make it happen. He woke up his parents, they called an ambulance, he was hospitalized for around two weeks.

During those two weeks, I continually hit him up asking how he was feeling – I mostly spoke to his sister, as he was asleep most of the time. She told me I was the only person who asked.

After he got out of the hospital, he told me the magic words: “I would’ve done it if you weren’t there for me.” These words determined me to want to become a psychiatrist.

This stuff happened ~10 years ago. He’s happily married now, with a kid on the way and with what seems to be a pretty fulfilling life. We haven’t spoken until that incident.

Choose life, people. It can always get better.

A degree is a degree, whether you finish early or take an extra year. It doesn’t matter if you go right to college after highschool or go later in life. A degree is a degree.

“I love you.”

“Boy if you don’t stop fucking up, you ain’t gonna amount to shit.”

from my grandfather to a 15 y/o me.