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What was the best thing someone ever told you ?

“Sure, I’d love to”

-You are the only good looking guy i know

It was about 6 months ago

When I received a call notifying me that I’d been hired for a job I had my heart set on but wondered if I’d be fully considered, given the extensive number of applicants.

I’m not pregnant…..

I was bullied as a kid, and grew up fighting competitively as a result, so I have a ton of fight stories, and telling them usually gets me animated.

I asked a guy why people seemed to think I was going to hurt them all the time just because I get in a ring on the weekends.

He told me most people are afraid of fighting, and my stories trigger their fight or flight and they end up scared as a result because they dont want to rudely walk away from an animated fighter telling a story.

I dialed back how many stories I was telling and how often, and kept them for private conversations. I made more friends as a result.

Sadly, that same kid got into a disagreement in a bar that ended with him getting ambushed and stabbed to death in front of his wife and sister by a coward with hurt feelings. The coward got 4 years because my friend was “in a group” of noncombatant women..

I only wish I was there telling my stories to him that night..