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What, in your opinion, is the funniest quote (or set of quotes) in a video game?

Stanley just stood there doing nothing at all. He seems to think I have nothing better to do with my time than to sit around and describe every fascinating little detail of his inability to do anything. This is why Stanley and I are on such good terms.

I don’t know how funny this will be without context – I don’t think it was even intended to be funny, but in Dragon Age 2 I was off trying to resolve a situation with a street being flooded with some poison gas.

I was playing a “””””funny””””” character archetype, which you get by choosing “”””””funny”””””” dialogue options every time you can, but none of them were very funny and it was easily the worst written MC ‘personality’. The reason I’m bringing it up is to paint the picture that I got to that point after hours of rolling my eyes at terrible, TERRIBLE barely-jokes spewed by my main character and was not expecting to laugh or be amused.

So, we’re there to take care of this poison gas area, right? And I clicked the “”””humor”””” dialogue option because I’m committed and the character says something lame as ever about ‘Heh, maybe we should send a canary ahead first’.

And then.

Aveline – a righteous, normally stiff and paladin-like Captain of the knights, goes and says:

“Get moving or I’ll stick a canary up your coal hole.”

I scream-laughed for so long that I almost passed out.

Arthur Morgan: “That’s some kind of an animal you got there.”

Stranger: “Thanks.”

Arthur Morgan: “I was talking to the horse.”

Another favorite: “Greasy Johnny Marston. So oily even the wolves spat you out.” RDR2

Welcome to die!

X men arcade. Fucking classic