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What is ретсо?

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Russia here, english ok. Went to store today and see shop call ретсо with dog cat. I do not know word has no meaning in Russian. Sound translate is ‘payatsa’ and that is not English word. Is dog name?

Спасибо (thank for help)

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PetCo – Pet Company. They sell things for pets.

I’m reading this with Russian accent and it made my evening better. You rock.

PetCo (pronounced pet-ko) is a store that sells things for pets, such as food and toys. I believe they also sell small animal pets like hamsters and gerbils.

“Co.” is a very common abbreviation for “company”. Sometimes companies will add it to another word to form their name. Petco = PET COmpany. These are large (by European standards) stores in the suburbs. Selling dogs and cats in a store in the U.S. is starting to be viewed as inhumane so Petco doesn’t, but they sell all sorts of food and supplies for your dog or cat and sell smaller animals like Guinea Pigs.

Another well known example is Amoco= AMerican Oil COmpany

Latin letters aren’t pronounced the same as Cyrillic. So it’s “petco” not “ретсо” and it’s pronounced pet•ko as in pet-company. (The “co” is short for company). So it’s PetCo. Hope that helps.