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What is the longest time you’ve kept up a joke for?

Not me but my GF. And there’s a twist in this story.

When we were on a trip near the sea, I noticed a really cool birb. She said what it’s called and if I was to translate it to English, it would be a silly name like “Funney Blackbirb”. She convinced me 100% that it’s true and I believed (though was very shocked!).

One year later during a casual conversation I mention the bird and she stares in my eyes and goes “oh my god, mrgruszka, that was A JOKE” and bursts out laughing. So then I google the birb as I could not believe that she would carry on with this for A YEAR.

Turned out it actually IS a real birds name, she just somehow forgot it a few years back and decided to prank me on the trip. Her face when I showed her the google results was priceless.

The one I can think of off the top of my head is around 8 months. The joke was on my friend, let’s call him jack because that’s his name. So jack is a moody 17-18 year old who used to love playing fortnite. In October of last year there was an event called The End which shut down fortnite for a couple of days. Jack was obsessed with this event because numbers where showing up randomly and he didn’t close fortnite for about 3 days. Well I have a friend who jack didn’t have their number and we started texting him saying, Sorry for the inconvenience, this is Donald Mustard’s assistant Lucy, if you stayed on you would receive a special cosmetic if he stayed on and didn’t turn off the Application. The poor kid actually thought he was getting leaks and it took him a while to realize he was being trolled. Till this day he still doesn’t know who messaged him.

My whole life

Most people I’ve known my adult life believe I’ve got one kidney. it’s been 3 years now and I regret nothing, I also have two kidneys

I’m 31… so I guess that long