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What is the longest time you’ve kept up a joke for?

When my son was about six there was a trend for farmers to wrap hay bales in pink plastic for breast cancer awareness. This meant there were lots of piles of hay bales around that were wrapped in pink and white plastic. I told him they were marshmallow farms and they grow the marshmallows to giant sizes before chopping them all up.

Cut to four years later, son is now ten, we were driving past a farm and he got really excited to see the “first marshmallows of the season”. I laughed. He asked why. I came clean with him, it was only a throwaway joke after all. Not to him it wasn’t. He got really upset and explained he had spent the past four years dreaming of being a marshmallow farmer, one day bouncing along the top of his very own pile of giant marshmallows. For some reason he doesn’t trust me anymore, I have to utter a sacred promise of truth whenever I tell him something now.

When I was younger I decided to pretend my brother (he was 6 at the time) was invisible

Got my parents involved and it lasted 5 days

We only stopped when he turned the table on us and thought ‘ooh if I’m invisible I can do bad shit and no one will know it’s me’

He poured sugar all over the floor in the kitchen and made a sugar angel – that’s when my mum stopped playing along

My husband intentionally says the slightly wrong date for our anniversary just to mess with me. It’s been almost 6 years now and I can no longer remember whether it’s the 14th or 16th without checking.

When I was a teenager I had a mole on my torso removed. I am the owner of a small scar on my abdomen. My younger sister asked me what happened when she saw it and I told her I was stabbed in a fight after school. She didn’t believe me and I had to convince her. Eventually I won her trust about it.

Just shy of two decades later while talking with my parents, sister, and future BIL my sister talks about how I was stabbed in a fight and to show him the scar.

My parents and I couldn’t really speak to correct her from laughing so hard. The look on her face was absolutely priceless when we all confirmed I had a mole removed at our PCP office.