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What is the longest time you’ve kept up a joke for?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What is the longest time you’ve kept up a joke for?
What is the longest time you’ve kept up a joke for?

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Convinced a friend that a mutual friends birthday was a day earlier than it actually was. It’s been 5 years and damn near everyone we know now acknowledges the day before as his birthday

I’ve been alive for 27 years

When I was 14 with a few friends we used to call the same telephone number time and time again, asking for Mr. DeBruin.
The guy picking up the phone always got mad “THERE IS NO MR DEBRUIN HERE YOU ASSHOLES”.

Then after a few months we called him up and said “Hey, it’s Mr. DeBruin, did anyone leave a message for me by any chance?”

i faked my name to a guy i sorta liked for about a year. we didn’t go to school together and when we hung out we never really called out each other’s name???i just didn’t like my name back then so when he asked what my name was, off the top of my head, i said ‘stephanie.’ i didn’t know anyone named stephanie irl so idk why i said that. we’re just friends now lol

I could have kept it up indefinitely but my father ratted me out to my mom when he needed to throw someone under the bus to take flak off himself for something. She has these garden fairies and angels all over her garden and I had been moving them very subtlety, like duck outside when no one is around and push one an inch to the right.

The weeping angels are one of our favorite Doctor Who villains, naturally. She thought she was going nuts. My father is a bastard.