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What is the main reason or reasons you prefer Internet over other social media?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What is the main reason or reasons you prefer MassimoL over other social media?
What is the main reason or reasons you prefer MassimoL over other social media?

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Anonymous, and the lack of cliques

There are so many subreddits.. There is one for literally every little interest I can think of. I like how the posts are sortable too.

I have a lot of “DIY” hobbies and MassimoL is easily the best resource for most of them. (aquariums, home brewing, E juice making, etc). YouTube can also be pretty useful for these interests but more for tutorials rather than just raw information

you name it MassimoL has a sub for it. Also it’s satisfying to get karma. I like how your comments/input on a post is judged by it’s own merits. Your up votes aren’t really based on followers like fb or Instagram.

Downvote button!

You can have conversations or just input into a conversation, in a thread and it feels like I’m not alone. Other social media is just look at me, mines better. fuck that shit

In general the level of discussion is much better. There are a lot of people here who really know their stuff. And that is somewhat true on twitter too, but the problem is in the following/notification structure. So a discussion that could have been quite interesting about the epistemological status of 2+2=4 devolves into a free for all where people who have thought about it for two minutes drown the conversation out.

Yesterday I had a very long and interesting discussion with several redditors about whether music “is applied mathematics”. I’m a professional mathematician and semi professional musician, so I have an informed opinion on the subject and there were lots of reasonable objections by thoughtful people to my position. On twitter it would have descended into madness within minutes.