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What is the most pain you’ve ever experienced?

I once had an infection inside my wisdom tooth, that was the worst pain I’ve experienced. Painkillers didn’t touch it, and just breathing was agony – I spent 2 days awake before I could get it removed.


Whenever I get them I just crawl under my bed covers and try not to die.

I had to get a physical for the Navy. They found minute amounts of blood in my urine. You couldn’t see it when I peed, only using their testing process. They had to figure out what was wrong with my bladder. First was a ultrasound of my full bladder. Annoying, but not painful. Then, apparently, the prostate can cause that type of issue. Got a finger up the butt. Again, uncomfortable, but not really painful. The last thing was to shove a camera up my urethra. They gave me Vicodin and Valium, the same thing that gave me for my vasectomy. Nothing else pain wise was given. We’ll, as soon as they shoved the camera up my dick, I sobered up and felt the most intense pain ever. They proceeded to wiggle it around in my bladder and trip my bladder is full switch. Got done and tried to pee. Visible blood this time and I felt violated for the rest of the day.

Found the same blood about 4 years later. Made them knock me out because I wasn’t doing that awake again.

Nothing conclusive was found. Doc said that some people have microscopic amounts of blood in their urine. I happen to be one of the unlucky ones.

One time my IBS got so bad at a party that I had to call my wife to the loo to hold my hand because I couldn’t take it any more. If it had gone on much longer I honestly think I would have passed out.

The day my dad moved out after my parents split up.