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What is the most pain you’ve ever experienced?

One time i woke up to terrible pain in my lower stomach, it was so bad that I kept on fainting and throwing up. I was taken to the hospital and they couldn’t find anything, then the pain just magically went away.

I’ve broken several bones. But when I dislocated my left knee, that was by far the worst pain.
My knee cap spun around the backside of my knee. And took all the nerves and tendons with it

Root canal

Appendix rupturing. Thought I was just having a stomach ache, waited in bed for hours, got so bad I couldn’t walk. Ambulance came and had to wheel me out in the fetal position. Emergency surgery, almost died, hospitalized for 2 1/2 weeks. It was ugly.


I was in college and I got mono terribly. I had a high fever and my throat was mostly closed and I couldn’t swallow at all. Eventually everything just felt like a dull pain, until I’d move and it would become a very sharp pain. I remember somehow getting to the campus medical ward, and the nurse telling me I was at a 10 pain level. In any case 2 IVs later and I was feeling a looot better.

Later on I broke two vertebrae in a car crash and the dehydration was considerably worse.