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What is the most pain you’ve ever experienced?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What is the most pain you’ve ever experienced?
What is the most pain you’ve ever experienced?

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Got my testies twisted and was in absolute agony for 3 hours before I got surgery

I got a parasitic infection in my eye from using contacts in the shower, transmitted by my roommate’s ferret. The months of light sensitivity sucked, as my eyes were effectively open sores. Even a breeze on my face was rather painful.

But then came the surgery & treatment, where the anesthetized my eye and proceeded to scrape at it with a needle while I had to look on in horror and feel my eyeball pushed up against my skull. Then for the next month I had to put literal bleach on my eye every 3 hours to sterilize it. Imagine setting an alarm, putting bleach in your eyes, trying to fall asleep amid the burning, finally falling back asleep just before the alarm goes off again for another drop.

That definitely broke me. Don’t fuck around with contacts, kids.

Gallstones trying to move through a tiny space that wasn’t big enough for them.

Kidney stones. Multiple around 4mm.. it was like the worst poop cramp after doing 10,000 squats while being hit in the nuts..

Dr treating my ingrown toenail without numbing it