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What is your experience of living most of your life being skinny/fat, and then gaining/losing weight?

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How did this effect you?

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Used to think I was fat when I wasn’t. Now that I actually gained weight it’s been so hard to drop them pounds. Hardly take any pictures now.

My experience, no matter what, you could lose all the weight and you’ll still think your fat.
With body dysmorphia, youll always have something to fix.

Im not big, but my brain has programmed me to think that ill never been skinny enough. Sooo yeah.

I was mostly surprised at how much more energy I had when I was very skinny, as I had assumed being near underweight would do the opposite. But I felt so light and everything was so physically easy.

It was also a bit of a shock to see how much kinder and helpful retail and service workers were to me. The only time I’ve been able to walk into a makeup or fashion store and not get treated like I was infected with the plague, was when I was extremely skinny. The women working there went from barely looking me in the eye and ushering me out the door with a 5 shades too dark foundation to actually approaching me and taking their time helping me find exactly what I wanted.

I also had my first and only hotel upgrades when I wasn’t fat.

And then everything just turned back to shit when I gained weight again. It was hard to get used to after seeing how well people could treat me when they wanted to.

I’ve found it difficult to re-write the image I have of myself in my head, so that looking in the mirror/seeing photos is less jarring. My brain still thinks I’m supposed to look how I did as a teenager, its absolutely refusing to catch up/let go of that image of myself, so my real-life-me is constantly a struggle to come to terms with.

I’ve always been chubby, became technically obese in 2018 (225, since most Americans are overweight idek if the average person would’ve called me obese, but the point is I was very overweight).

I’ve been working on my weight for several months; I’ve only lost 25lb, but people are already nicer to me. I notice the biggest difference in young men; when you’re fat, guys hate interacting with you and you can see it in their body language. Every bit I lose I see opposite sex interactions feeling less and less uncomfortable.

I was very skinny (almost underweight) up until the age of 24/25 then I gained a good bit of weight. My BMI is still in the “healthy” range now, just at the higher end.

I wish my body was a little bit more toned but I do feel more confident now having curves. When I was skinny people used to comment on it ALL the time. I felt very objectified. Now that I gained some weight, I don’t get comments about my body anymore.

I was always a chubby kid, and lost a significant amount of weight as a young adult, gained it back, and lost it again over a few years. The first time I lost it I was aggressively trying, resulting in an eating disorder. I have fluctuated back and forth since due to life/stress changes etc. But living in both a thin, and fat body, I have seen a wide spectrum of how it can impact your personal life, how you’re treated, things people say, self esteem, etc.
I also very often see skinny shaming being “equally” compared to fat shaming. Having experienced more than enough of both, I personally think the fat shaming was so much worse, and negatively affected me in so many ways that very much stuck with me even when I was thin.

I’m very curious about others experiences.

I wasn’t skinny but had a lean/athletic build up until middle school when I stopped doing sports. I went through some traumatic events that led to me develop binge eating disorder. I gained and gained until I hit 300lbs in my late teens. I had a huge health scare and the doctors told me I had one very short window to turn things around before it was too late. I got a dietician and now I’m down to 200lbs about 2 years later. Progress has been slow because I’m disabled and wasn’t cleared to exercise until very recently. My goal is to hit 130lbs before my 25th birthday.

I lost some weight, enough for people to consider me normal sized and for men to consider me dateable. Whatever people say about better treatment because of “confidence / self esteem gains” from losing the weight is bullshit to me – I know for a fact now the extent of thin privilege and the amount of disgust lots of people feel about overweight people (as these thoughts are now shared openly with me).

Upside is that I will now do anything to keep the weight off. Downside is that I will now do anything to keep the weight off.

I lived big percentage of my life slim/healthy weight. I wasn’t skinny by any means but standard medium girl. I put on weight recently and it was before I moved countries. So in my new life, everyone tends to assume I’ve been fat all my life. Which is ok even if it was but I hear the infantalising tone when giving unsolicited advice etc. It’s only some medical professionals who asked my history with my body weight and noted that I spent most of my life at a healthy weight.

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