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What made you start taking personal hygiene more seriously?

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My 15 year old brother is going through a phase where he thinks not caring about physical hygiene is a personality trait, and I’d like to help him understand that caring about the cleanliness of your body isn’t something bad, or exclusively feminine at that age. For those of you that did go through a similar not showering for days phase, what made you realize soap isn’t the enemy? And what do you wish someone told you during that time?

(Help a girl out, quarantine has forced us into close quarters and I can’t say I care for the smell of ripe teenage boy).

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Smelling terrible and feeling greasy were reason enough for me to want to maintain cleanliness but if that isn’t enough for him then people need to start saying it to him. I was told only once when I was going through puberty that I stank and it was enough to embarrass me into showering thoroughly at least once a day.

When I was with my ex gf I found a pros and cons list on her phone comparing me to her neighbor. One of my cons was that my breath sometimes stank. Been carrying gum and mints every where and brushing twice as long in the morning ever since.

Also unrelated started hearing about how big dudes usually stink, so I took great pride in smelling good enough to receive compliments about it

I think, rather than doing if for girls, teach him to do it for him.

If you can afford it, buy a nice perfume and some grooming tools.

Lets not teach our boys to live of validation of women.

Girls…when I was young I figured out how to use it to my advantage, that smelling good is a turn on ?

Peron with authority that I respected – my classes head teacher – telling us. Picture prof Mcgonagall from Harry Potter movies :p I was 11 or 12 at the time, and it was about taking showers after practice, of which we ha 2 hours everyday, often at beggining of classes, so some kids would reek for 6 hours after in school :p