Anakin’s original plan

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Anakin’s original plan e ci spiega:

I think that in ROTS, Anakin plans to leave the Jedi order and retire to Naboo with Padmé.

At the start of ROTS, Anakin is in a really good mood, this is due in mostly him discovering that Padmé is pregnant but also is partially due to being reunited with Ashoka.
Ashoka showed Anakin that leaving the order and having a life is possible and could even be considered preferable.

However Anakin feels the need to see the clone wars through to the end, mainly due to the chosen one prophecy he believed that he was the only one who could win the war for the republic. But at the end he wanted to walk away and live his life. That's why he was so calm when he was joining Sidious. He believed he would save Padmé, kill Sidious and end it all at once. Now it all went wrong but that was his plan.