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What moment in video games made you go “fuck this”?

Back in the good ol’ days of PUBG, vehicles were special in their own way. Frequently, all it took was a small rub against your player and the vehicle would knock you out.

It happened once with 2 players remaining, me and another solo. Needless to say, I hopped out my vehicle and my Dacia tickled me in the butt and killed me. May I add, that winning that round would qualify me for a $50,000 tournament.

I has bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 final hd remix back when it came out on the ps3. If anyone’s played the first game, you should know how bullshit the end boss battle sequence is. If you don’t, it’s essentially a marathon of bosses with no checkpoints throughout. So if you die you start from the beginning. I think you also lose your companions for part of it, which is its own kind of bullshit.

But here is what is the worst part: restarting means restarting the cutscenes. Every time. And they are unskippable. You have to watch them every damn time you guys!

I’m not particularly good at video games, so it took me like 50 tries to beat it. So I said FUCK THIS and never picked up the second or third game.

tldr; Unskippable cutscenes are the fucking worst.

Uncharted 1 when you have to pilot a boat UPRIVER, while being shot at and having TNT barrels thrown at you, while protecting a useless NPC in the boat. Turned the game off, swearing to never play again. I let a year or 5 pass, then beat Uncharted 1, 2, & 3.

Also fuck the entire game Deus-Ex Mankind divided.

I was playing one of those dark souls like games. I spent 3 hours bashing my head against the first tutorial boss, realized I actually suck at these types of game and don’t have the time to try getting good, and I just quit

i was ass deep in quarry junction in fallout new vegas with no .50 cal left…but i did have a stealth boy and one mini nuke so tried weezle my way out…didnt work…because its fucking impossible to sneak pass a mother deathclaw so i just kept nuking myself in frustration