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What moment in video games made you go “fuck this”?

PS1. First Resident Evil.

I was at my buddies house. It was an old house, the kind that you always had the feeling someone was watching you. Anyways, I was upstairs in his room and he let me try it out. He had to go downstairs to get something. In the game, I walked out of the beginning room and the cut scene looks to the left, down the hall, and the zombie was eating that body, then turns and looks at me. I noped the game, turned it off and waited till he got back. I told him I just wasn’t into it.

When I spent like a half hour tracking down and wrangling the best horse in RDR 2, only to have it be killed by random highwaymen on the way to town to get horse revivers. Haven’t touched the game since

8-3 in Super Mario Bros


I. Could. Not . Kill. The. Twins.

I was genuinely mad after quiting.

Going back to play games like GTA San Andreas or Red Dead Redemption from the beginning. Those games suck in the beginning, especially after playing it for a while. Being taught how to play a game you know how to play is so fucking frustrating. “Go grab a bike CJ!” Fuck you, let’s get to gang warfare.

That one level in Pokémon, I can’t remember if it was Gold or Crystal, where you have to slide on the ice in a certain pattern.

Years later I picked up the game to run through it again for Nostalgia’s sake and that level broke me. Just couldn’t figure it out.