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What should we learn from this COVID-19 pandemic?

  1. healthcare needs to be universal
  2. daycare needs to be subsidized
  3. education needs better funding
  4. working from home is a viable option for many careers
  5. the spread of misinformation on social media is making monkeys of people
  6. republican politicians don’t give a single fuck about you and your problems

What wh “should” learn is vastly different to what we will actually learn.

Basic education still has a long way to go.

That a lot of people oppose what’s in their best interests.

Working from home is good, learning from home not so much.

It’ll take years to show but our children’s education will suffer because of this. I’m not saying we should throw all the kids back in the school and get them all sick, I honestly don’t have a better suggestion than learning from home. But the idea that you can sit a 10-year-old in front of a computer screen, have them listen to boring lectures all day, and actually absorb any information at all is fucking stupid.