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What should we learn from this COVID-19 pandemic?

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What should we learn from this COVID-19 pandemic?

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That hygiene is fucking important. As a guy I’ve noticed too many times guys simply not washing their hands after going for a piss because they don’t think they need to. This pandemic has shown that washing your hands is extremely important. I mean how it took a global pandemic to get people to actually start washing their hands regularly boggles my mind.

Our working hours are arguably too long and our work life is too busy. This pandemic had shown working from home is alot more possible than we previously thought and alot of work can be done quicker than previously thought. Some people have had more free time from working at home during this pandemic. I still think there’s a place for the office worklife as well considering it also provides us opportunity to socialise with our work colleagues etc but we need to give more people the chance to work from home if they wish to and our working hours don’t need to be that long

Wages are too low for some people. We’ve learnt that those grocery store workers who society once saw as “unskilled workers” well they actually matter and are the backbone of keeping us going. While we we’re all at home taking it easy during lockdown they were the ones ensuring we were still able to buy our groceries and put food on the table.

Human contact is more important than we realise especially for people’s mental health.

We need to appreciate our friends and family more and that life is short. We’ve seen so many people lose their lives too soon during this pandemic and that we really should appreciate our loved ones before they’re taken from us.

Healthcare is far more important than we previously thought. Covid has shown just how important it is for every citizen to have healthcare and for every hospital to have adequate funding otherwise you risk the Healthcare system becoming overwhelmed. No one should be left without access to healthcare.

And lastly we need to fucking listen to medical and scientific experts. They know what they’re talking about.

Listen to the scientists.

That a lot of people are dumbasses.

Don’t take anything for granted, being able to hug family members and see friends and having a job and going to school ect.

Working is overrated. We need to slow the fuck down. The economy survives even when lots of people don’t work..and yet there’s resources for them.

Let’s Give us 3 day weekends for starters, this may be the most important.

and make lots of jobs available to work from home .. make home school a norm too.

Why are we working so much? And so little weekend? This ain’t 1900 anymore.

We need a more relaxed way of life/ lifestyle.