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Consiglio: When you buy a basil (or other herb) plant, you’re actually buying 5 or 6 plants clumped together, designed to outcompete eachother and die. Split these plants up into separate pots for better survival and more basil.

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Supermarkets and herb produders don't want you buying one basil that will last an age. They want you to come back for more. Also, a big bushy basil plant is not cost efficient to grow. So they instead opt for multiple small plants closely together in a small pot.

If you carefully separate them apart by the roots you can plant them individually and they thrive. Remember, basil likes clay pots, sun, and not too much water. Of

If this seems like too much effort, at least repot the herb into a pot that is a size or two up from what you would otherwise thing is right.

Also true for some other herbs.