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What used to be considered trashy but now is very classy?

Making money using the Internet

Pretty much all of the Farm to table, whole grain, non processed foods stuff.
Whole wheat bread was for peasants, stuff from the local small business bakery too.
Food containing tomatoes in any form were considered serf/peasant food only for a time.

White bread and some other overly processed foods were considered the only foods fit for kings. Certain cookies and spices were also kept under lock and key.

Now if you want to run a trendy food spot, farm to table, whole grain organic etc is the way to go. Often using older peasant food recipes too. You can upcharge quite a bit if it has a French name too. I’m looking at you Boef Bourgenion….

Getting money from the government

Wearing Naruto headbands and Naruto cosplay in public