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What’s the most fucked up Internet story you’ve read?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What’s the most fucked up MassimoL story you’ve read?
What’s the most fucked up MassimoL story you’ve read?

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Hands down the one about the guy that got into a fight on a sidewalk (or somewhere) and knocked out cold..

Some days went by.. then some weeks..He met a girl.. got a child together.. moved in tougher.. lived together for years..

After a while he started noticing something weird about his lamp next to his couch.. and he couldn’t stop focusing on it.. to the point where he didn’t eat, worked or nothing.. the lamp started to warp and then the room and everting got weird.. that’s when he woke up.. still on that sidewalk just minutes after the fight.

He still miss his “wife and child” like they were actually real. He looks for them in crowds but of course he can’t find them..

It was so well written and sad to read.

See if I can dig it up.


The guy that started doing heroin as a goof, then went on to lose everything he owned and become a full fledged heroin addict. Then one day his posts just stopped.

The one with the mom who posted about losing her daughter because her own mom refused to believe the kid had a coconut allergy.

I’ve read it at least 5 times and I sob just as hard every time like it’s a new story.

The story of the kid who got in an accident then ended up in an incestuous relationship with his mother and was supported by his father.

I’m not proud of my son. Fucked up and terribly sad at the same time.