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What’s the most surprisingly toxic community?

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What’s the most surprisingly toxic community?

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The kink communities in some cities. They say they’re all about acceptance and everything rosy but can be a toxic cesspool of cliques and power-hungry narcissists.

I was most surprised by the toxicity of an online community devoted to the history and memories of my home town. I thought it was going to be about people’s reminiscences, interesting tidbits of information and old photos, but it turned out to be a lot of sniping and politics. There was a core group, kind of like the cool kids and they would have get togethers and inside jokes and they treated everyone else like they thought they were losers. It was very high school – actually worse.

Maybe it’s not surprising, but Steven Universe community. They once bullied a kid with cancer because his make a wish was to watch a few Steven Universe episodes early an Dan was ALLOWED to tweet very minor things about them.

They once bullied a girl who drew a couple of overweight characters as skinny. They bullied her so bad, that she attempted suicide and thankfully failed.

I’ve never meet more toxic people in my life.

As a Personal Trainer and someone who basically lives in the gym, it would have to be the Fitness Community.

While it is incredibly important to include fitness as part of your life, I see far too many people in my gym take it to illogical extremes. From drug use, to using the gym as a means to avoid their families, spending up 5 hours or more in here, there’s lots of unhealthy behavior that goes on in here.