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What’s your relationship with Spiders?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What’s your relationship with Spiders?
What’s your relationship with Spiders?

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I literally lost my shit today when one jumped on me.

I’m fine as long as they stay where they’re supposed to.

We’re polygamous

i love them. my window box used to have loads of flies coming out of it, not since three or four spiders made their home there. there’s a monster tegenaria wandering around somewhere. when it drops on the ground you can hear it. that one’s just moved in. i kept some tegenarias in jars for a bit trying to collect enough silk for a tie. it would have taken years so i let them go. keeping them mostly cured my arachnophobia that used to make me hold my shit for days if there was a spider in the toilet. i still freeze in terror if one walks on me or if i wake up and see a spider on my pillow looking at me but if they’re minding their own business i’m happy for them to be around

Friends with benefits