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Why does rest/inactivity often make us more tired, while activity can make us more energetic?

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The world is currently struggling with both an influx of major stress while people in great numbers are also unemployed and inactive. This is leading to a massive spike in depression and related symptoms. For these reasons, I was wondering if someone could give me a good explanation for why resting often makes exhausting situations even more exhausting. Thanks!

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Think about it like percentages. If you have 100 energy and spend 90 of that on daily things you have 10% left.

Increasing strength makes tasks easier so you might only use up 80 per day. Increasing cardio makes starting energy higher, say 120. Now you have 33% left at the end of the day.

You mention mood so I’ll add that exercise is a positive feedback loop. It makes you feel better and more energetic so it’s easier to get more exercise so you feel better and more energetic… works the same way in reverse for laziness.

In a sentence, exhaustion is relative to how much energy you have.

I think I saw a similar question in this sub. And I remember someone said when you make exercise regularly, body thinks like I burnt a lot of ATP so I need to produce a lot more and thats why we feel more energetic.

There can also be a mental aspect where you get validated from ur activity thus thinking u feel more energetic.

I’m not a master on the topic. But exercise releases endorphins that fight stress. Serotonin is also released, which increases your happiness. There can be other mental factors too. Completing X minutes/hours of exercise can make you feel like you accomplished something. Especially if you had a goal for that exercise session.

I can’t say that exercise is the be-all end-all cure for depression. But as someone who spent a lot of time with the black dog, I can say that exercise did/does wonders for how I feel. Huge improvements to my motivation, sleep patterns, happiness levels, not feeling useless, etc.

Anyone out there feeling down in the dumps should look at their diet and exercise before looking at prescription pills from the doctor (which have been known to make things worse for a lot of people).

I call it the “energy well”.

If you invest exercise(walking, cycling, hiking, lifting weights,…many other workouts) into your life, then your energy bank is higher.. much higher than it is sitting on the couch.

What I’m trying to communicate is that if you don’t use it you lose it. But if you do use it your body will work with you to make it stronger for the next time you use it. Increase protein in your diet to help at this point. I prefer dried beef jerky and green vege drinks.