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Who is the most useful YouTuber?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Who is the most useful YouTuber?
Who is the most useful YouTuber?

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Thomas Crapper. He gave us the original U-shaped tube, that prevents the reemergence of feculent rectal gases from the sewers, making him largely responsible for the comforts we nowadays take for granted. Frankly, I consider him the sole quintessential U-tuber, and find it disrespectful to suggest that there could be others?

(Dad, how do I?)

My dad never left or anything, lol dudes channel is just really helpful for random situations

Basics with Babish got me into cooking!! I recommend his channel to everyone.

If you have a car Chrisfix has saved me hundreds of dollars with tons of different repairs and manteinance tutorials.

So yeah, It’s very useful to keep your money in your own pocket.