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Whom do you miss a lot these days and why?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.Whom do you miss a lot these days and why?

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:

My person. He left last summer. It took me 25 years of dating to find him. I miss him everyday. I’ve never connected to another person in my entire life. It’s very hard now to even talk to people I know, because I don’t have that connection anymore. I’m just a ghost here now. And because invariably I get the comments, I have a therapist and meds. It doesn’t help.

My friends who have disappeared now they’re married or have kids. It sucks. I don’t expect to be their number one priority, but I do expect something so we can actually maintain our friendship.

Honestly? My ex

I broke up with him because he was just gross, it’s a very long story but he got addicted to a video game and that lead to him peeing in bottles and pooping his pants, I miss what he was like before, when he was sweet and caring and very loving, and now he’s just…broken and gross

I shouldn’t miss him, but I do, been thinkin’ a lot about him lately.

My pre-Covid self because it was better than it is now

He passed away two years ago. Every time I hear a new song that resonates, eat food I know he would enjoy, see some mad conspiracy theory that he would have been all over, find a meme I know he would have got a kick out of. Losing someone sucks.

My dog. I always said she was the love of my life and that still hold true. It’s been 6 months now and I’m still not over it. I buy her fresh flowers every week to put next to her ashes. She was the bestest friend I could of ever had.

I miss ‘ what could have been’. That version of myself I could have been if I had a loving family supporting me instead of tearing me down and abusing me. The person I could have been if I wasn’t so scared of being abandoned. The version that could have someone who loved them and whom they loved and trusted in return. Maybe a mother, maybe a wife, maybe happy in a simple, regular life.

Some nights thinking about this leaves me devastated and sobbing into my pillow. But I know I shouldn’t even think about it…

My mom. She died 10 years ago.

I miss someone who was my best friend ever for a few years. We genuinely loved each other and that level of companionship was comforting.

One of my best friends. He passed away in May and with most of our interactions being online, it’s been really hard to process.

It still doesn’t feel real.

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