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Consiglio: . At interview “meet & greets”, it’s less about doing everything right and more about not doing anything wrong.

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I've run hundreds of interviews over the years and, often, we'd conclude with a walk around on the shop floor. Ostensibly, this is a chance for the candidate to meet the teams, get to know a bit about the business etc…But in reality…

It's also a very good way to see the real personality. Candidates are relieved that the interview is over and now they're interacting with peers rather than prospective bosses. The range of unguarded comments I've heard in this section of the process is astonishing. From personal comments about the hiring panel, to comments about the best way to steal from the company. My favourite was, “Yeah the interview went ok. After all it's all made up bullshit anyway”

So, top tip. Keep things mundane, generic, be polite and avoid making jokes in case they land wrong. Remember you are still being scrutinised. You can't win a job at this stage, but you can definitely lose one.