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my 24m partner told me last night he thinks its ok for a 13 year old to consent with adults WTF im 29f

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last night we were watching youtube. A video about a teacher being inapropriate with a boy came up and he thinks its fine. He started saying he wishes it was him and he is so lucky and says its differnt for girls and a male teacher but with guys they can consent at that age. Then after he wanted to be freaky watching that idk did it turned him on or something? I made up an exuse and turned him down obviously.

i felt like puking after hearing that from him. do you think this is a good reason to seperate from someone? has anyone elses partner say something like this? He is one sick disgusting person in my eyes i dont rlly have the funds to leave but idc ill make it work somehow! i would rather be homless then be with someone with this mindset any advice thank you

Don’t have kids with him

If you stay with this guy after a comment like this, I’m afraid for you and your future.

As a guy there are few times in my childhood when I wouldn’t have consented to sexual activity with an adult. That’s exactly why it should be illegal and exactly why adults should not have access to kids.

Kids are stupid. They make big mistakes easily. That’s why the age of consent exists and why it’s not 13.

I have had x friends say shit like this over the years mostly in my 20’s…. I am 40 and everyone of them that tried to look up caught a case at some point and is now an registry.. people will tell you who they are.

I’d be nervous about your bf becoming a father and/or being around kids. BYE

He’s disgusting

Your bf is thinking with a 13 yr old mind. At 13, most guys will stick their Johnsons into anything that can get them off. Also, teachers know of this proclivity, so it takes almost no effort to “seduce” a young teen. Remember, the normal dynamic is that the boys chase the girls, and do so with sexual intent. Girls, of course, know this and normally resist the boy’s efforts. Grown men have trouble resisting the advances of a good looking woman; 13 yr old boys have absolutely no resistance to begin with.

Evidently your bf still daydreams about the hot teacher he had when he was 13. Who knows? Mentally and emotionally he may still be 13.

You can do much better.

‘Nuff said.

LMAO YES A GUY ADMITTING THAT HE THINKS LITTLE BOYS CAN CONSENT IS A GREAT REASON TO LEAVE… like what if you guys had a son, and his female teacher raped him? Yeah not an ideal father…