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Why does Google tell you how fast it got your results?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Why does Google tell you how fast it got your results?

When you google something, under the “all, images, video, etc.” options, there's always this little bar of grey text that says “about _______ results (0.73 seconds).” Why does the time come up? Do I really need to know? Seems kinda unnecessary to me

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This is a total guess, but I remember that being there back when google first launched. I think it was bragging rights about how fast their search was and of course had great search results also. So they’ve probably kept it for nostalgic reasons?

Hey, I just learned this.

One of the primary concerns of a website is how fast is serves you what you request. There are layers to a website. The front end (what you see and engage with), the middle (how the server [the thing that makes services available] serves), and the backend (any sort of data storage).

Simply logging into a website hits all three stages.

Google is probably just being transparent about their service. Plus, your equipment may be junk. So Google is telling you how fast it worked.

Information that they are very proud to provide, even though no one truly needs the info.

It’s a legacy feature from Google’s early days. There used to be a number of major competing search engines, and speed was something to brag about at the time. I assume they keep it around for the sake of nostalgia.

I think they should follow that speed report with Donald Trump’s signature.

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