Domande di Internet

Why in the USA is the internet not classified as a utility and how can we mobilize to make it so?

Aside from the predictions (that seem not to have come true) that ISPs would ruin the internet, what would be the benefit of regulating the internet as a utility?

Keep in mind that making it a utility does not mean that the best, most competent, well-intentioned people will be the ones making sure the internet is wonderful and perfect for everyone.

Regulations are made and enforced with political considerations in mind, rather than purely what would be best for everyone. Regulatory schemes are made and implemented by people who rose through the ranks based on their ability to “play the game” and not necessarily based on expertise.

I think a lot of people who want the government to have greater control of the internet have an idealized version of what that would mean when there’s simply no reason to think the reality of politics, human nature and corporate influence would magically cease to exist in this one particular situation.

Something, something, destroy capitalism blah blah blah should’ve voted for Bernie

Is it a utility tho? I grew up very poor and without internet. (For clarification i am young and grew up durring the 2000’s) and i got by fine enough.



Because capitalism. If it becomes a utility then that means that if someone whose in favour of a regulated market gets elected or put in a position of power, they’ll be able to impose regulations on how corporations deal with providing access and so on. Which they don’t want because it might become more expensive for them or they might not have as much power over the users as they would like because the government is involved.

Want that to change? Capitalism needs to go. Reforming capitalism doesn’t work.
Because the foundation of the government and the economy would still be capitalist. They’ll just get a capitalist or neo-liberal in office and you can kiss those reforms goodbye. That’s what happened in several countries to all the post-WW2 socialist reforms.