Domande di Internet

Why in the USA is the internet not classified as a utility and how can we mobilize to make it so?

Na government is the reason it sucks in the first place let free market resume. Break up the monopolies

The internet shouldn’t be a utility because it shouldn’t be run by the government.

Just imagine what, for example, Donald Trump could do if he had censorious power over the web.

I think the best way to make sure everyone has access to the internet is to generously fund public libraries and make sure they are well furnished with internet capable computers.

Vote early and often. And then send emails in the regular. Also contact student groups on college campus. They love to mobilize for this kind of cause

Start at the local & state politician level. They will less likely be in the pocket of big cable. Changes the local laws to allow the build out. If enough do it, then maybe the state and federal level will take notice. The big boys might also start fearing a new utility model and take action to lower prices and expand to ‘less profitable’ rural areas.

It’s expensive to lay the infrastructure and whoever does should be able to benefit. But I agree that the current competitive model is too far in favor of the big companies basically extorting users for services. There is no reason for these prices. Tiered service packages and prices are also a sham. Big cable needs to hear the voice of the people in a groundswell of local/state political action. The feds are too far away and too distracted and too well lobbied to care.

Actually the biggest thing stopping that is the rural areas that are hard to get to. Most of the county I live in can’t even get dsl they are stuck with satellite with data caps and is pretty expensive. There are grants and such being pushed to expand high speed internet to rural areas but it takes time to do.