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Women who “dated” older men as teenagers that now realize they were predators, what’s your story?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Women who “dated” older men as teenagers that now realize they were predators, what’s your story?
Women who “dated” older men as teenagers that now realize they were predators, what’s your story?

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I was 13 with a 22 year old ‘boyfriend’

He made me feel special, grown up, my friends were all jealous (tbh he was hot! A predator but a solid 10/10) we met on xbox live (those where the days) and started a relationship. I was in my ugly duckling phase so was drawn into it by the attention. No boys my own age seemed interested in me, I was bullied a bit and it was nice for a good looking, older boy to think I was pretty.

He slowly pressured me into sex, started with pressuring me into sexual acts on web cam, to oral, then full sex. He always insisted on filming everything because ‘he loved me so much he wanted to only use our videos as porn’ what I wasn’t aware of was the fact he was showing all his friends and they made bets on how quickly he could get me to do something else.

Whenever I pushed back he always said, if I wanted to date a man I needed to act like a woman otherwise he would find a girl more willing to have a ‘proper’ relationship with him.

He then tried to pressure me into sleeping with his friends, started with a threesome (him included) then one night he asked me to just sleep with his friend, I saw his friend give him money which is when I realised this whole thing was a lie and left.

I was 15 and definitely didn’t understand A THING about love or danger, I found out that he was married and had a child because he literally disappeared and I was trying to find out what happened.

I’m from a third world country where it is “normal” for 15-16 year old girls to date guys in their early to late twenties. Especially in the 90s when chatrooms became available thanks to the internet. At 13-14 years old with my girlfriends we would meet up with 18-19 year old boys which now I know it was not a good idea but I didn’t know any better back then. Until I moved to a different country where I learned that there were strict laws in place for adults dating/having sex with teenagers. I was too stupid to understand why my mom was so upset when at 14 I had a date and got picked up in a car by a 24 year old who bought me ice cream at mc donalds but luckily he was very nice and took me home after. Can’t say I wasn’t pressured into doing sexual stuff at very young age by much older men but unfortunately that was the norm

Does it count of I was 19? Ex was 33 when we met. We were together for 7.5 years. I came from an abusive home so this older, more “mature” man seemed so interesting and wanted to take care of me so I was all about it. I should also mention that I look VERY young for my age (I regularly get mistaken as being as young as 14, I am 27 now). He was into ageplay, so in bed he was always wanting me to act like I was like an 8 year old girl and he was my dad or older brother.

Yeah, he turned out to be a pedo and has tons of CP on his computer, cell phone, and laptop. I tried going online and reporting him anonymously but nothing ever came of it. I don’t really want to go report in person because I’m scared no one will believe me because I’m his ex, and I don’t want to get dragged into a court case or anything.

I met a dude on adult swim’s forums back when I was around 12. He was 24 and was nice to me. Things always seemed hinky to me even from the beginning, but I had no friends in real life and was definitely in an ugly duckling place, so I figured that if this is who is going to pay attention to me, so be it.

He would tell me the things he wanted to do to me and eventually sent me a hideously low-res picture of his dick and all I remember is trying to laugh it off and said I thought he sent me a picture of a sock 💀

Eventually, he started asking that if we met in person if he could tie me up and take nudes of me. He started talking about buying a plane ticket to visit me and for my address and I guess I finally had a bad enough gut feeling and didn’t go through with it.

My family eventually found out about us talking and it was a huge deal. I was rightfully banned from the internet for a while, not that it mattered much, because I wound up meeting another awful dude older than me, but this one was locally grown lol.